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Shelley Mayse.jpg
Shelley Mayse, LSCSW, IMH-E
Kansas and Missouri

Clinical Social Work/Consultant

Infant Mental Health Clinical Mentor

Co-Founder Fresheyestudio

I am honored to write this testimonial for Gerry Costa. In my previous role as a Board member for both the Kansas and Missouri IMH Association, we have looked to guidance from Gerry, both as a trainer and a facilitator. He was instrumental in helping our Missouri Assoc. get off the ground with 2 state leadership Summits. He was more than generous with his time and exhibits such a warm and nurturing spirit to all who are witness to his creative contributions! He also spent time with our Missouri Board in drafting a strategic plan and stayed with our process for a couple of years to support the new growth.

Gerry is an authentic human being who is able to capture and encourage expansive ideas, hold the space for complex problem-solving, and use humor appropriately to soften a message where needed. This is the mark of a consummate professional, a wise leader who knows how to bring out the inherent wisdom in others. His passion for whatever he is involved in is infectious, and I am so grateful for his guidance and leadership in the field, as well as being able to call him “friend”! What a treasure!

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