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Susan Hopkins, Ed.D.
Ontario, Canada

Executive Director, The MEHRIT Centre

Co-Author Self Reg Schools: A Handbook for Educators (2020) and Reframing Resilience (Spring

Dr. Gerry Costa has my highest recommendation. His remarkable talent lies in his ability to make everyone feel deeply heard and valued, as if we've been lifelong friends. His wealth of stories and expertise in his fields captivates audiences, leaving them enriched and inspired. As one of the most sought-after speakers at our annual Self-Reg Summer Symposium at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Costa consistently delivers engaging presentations that resonate with attendees. His contributions are invaluable, and his impact on the Self-Reg Community is profound.


We at the MEHRIT Centre hold Dr. Gerard Costa in such high esteem that it is difficult to find the right words to express his value as a speaker, consultant and fellow learner. "Gerry Costa is a true visionary,” says Dr. Stuart Shanker. “He understands the importance of addressing the needs and well-being of all children and families, not just those who need interventions or therapy.” 


That’s not all.  Dr. Costa has always applied his considerable intellect, along with his deep interest and curiosity about the diversity of human development, to an unending process of lifelong learning that makes people tick. He’s one of those really smart and knowledgeable people who is at least as interested in learning from other people as he is in sharing his own knowledge and insight. That’s how he came to become a Self-Reg learner and a valued, honored member of the Self-Reg Community.


Dr. Costa is an engaging and accessible speaker who really knows how to connect with his audiences. His contributions to the Self-Reg learning community include numerous keynote presentations at our Summer Self-Reg Symposium between 2016 and 2023.


Reframing Autism

In this luminary address Dr. Costa outlined how recent scientific research has given us new insights into how best to understand and help people with autism and why it is important to focus on the underlying causes of behavior rather than simply trying to change specific behaviors.

(Dr. Costa further explored this topic in an episode of the Self-Reg Radio podcast.)


A Call to Arms: Are we really listening to the children?

In this keynote Dr. Costa helped us reflect on what it feels like for children when they don’t feel heard and what it means to truly hear and listen to what children are telling us.

Interdependent Leadership

Gerry reflected on the importance of relationships, self-regulation, a climate of emotional safety, and stress awareness in wise democratic leadership that brings out the best in all people.


Self-Reg and World Peace 

Gerry offered amazing insights as he challenged us to look at peace as not simply the absence of conflict but also a way of being rooted in relationships, empathy, and self-regulation.

Professional Development

Dr. Costa challenged us to think of PD not as “training” but as an ongoing process of facilitated “formation” around three pivotal competencies.

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